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The Linnet's Wings

It's been a great year here at 'The Wings:'

          She produced a moving gallery with her words, images, stories, lyrics, and translations. Mostly literary, in content, as our writers explored life and emotions through metaphor that they sifted through their own perspective.

         We continued to build on our "New World Spanish Section" as we ran essays and poetry translations by Stephen Zelnick --on the poetry and life of Juana de Ibarbourou's (Spring 2016); Rubin Daro (Summer 2016); Gabriela Mistral (Fall 2016)--alongside our regular poetry, prose and art content--Steve is Professor Emeritus at Temple University and has a lifetime of study, examination and research, in Lit, that he brings to the table each quarter as he explores the work of the "New World Spanish Poets;" and he also keeps a FB page for those who might like to discuss it further and add their voice.

         We published a new chapbook, in November, and saw it launched in Northumberland in the UK: "Three Pounds of Cells" by Oonah V Joslin, and another of our publications: "Disabled Monsters" by John C. Mannone was chosen for readings at the "Southern Festival of Books" in Nashville.

         Next year we celebrate 10 years, 10 years since Peter and I sat down, in my old office, in Edgeworthstown, in Co Longford, and designed our first web magazine. She took three months to build and each day's momentum carried us through to the next as we overcame another small challenge and celebrated its success.

         I have great memories of it. Of the excitement of pulling work down from the aether, or so it appeared to me, at the time.

         10 years is a long time and along the way we had the best of support from a superb editorial team who read, accepted, and also rejected articles, stories and poems--and those rejected were mostly down to lack of space. And as we built each magazine we continued to develop our own skills here.

         Skills learned to show our writer contributions in the best light and best format-- that we could imagine for ourselves as readers--to show respect for the written word, and the time taken by the author/poet in THEIR write, and also to offer our reader and customer something more for their time spent, here, with us, on our website OR with our print product.

         We're still improving and there's always more that we can do and that we hope to do, as we continue on our journey. Thank you all for your continued support, it's much appreciated and keeps us going, here.

         So from all of us to you: Have a Happy, Peaceful Christmas and Wishing You the Very Best that You can Imagine for Yourself in 2017. Marie

The Linnets Wings