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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Paysage by Roberta Feins

Paysage by Roberta Feins


We drive through hills    bellies and thighs of earth.

Patchwork of vines on South-facing hills,

clouds of chestnuts on the North.

      I want to wear these hills    fabric woven of sun and leaf

      granite and burn

      My breasts clothed    in forests of teaseled velvet,

      rough-napped, brocaded

      skirts of splendid    spreading chestnut leaves,

      knotted with hard-husked jewels.

      Silken rill   unwound from a larval cocoon

      between my thighs.

Descending a forested dale

cool breeze     sings with many birds.

To the west     the Pavilion of Alix

Countess of Provence    flower of the troubadours

her beauty & her violet eyes

to the north, the River Aveyron:

fluttering bird  catching bugs

on sorties from a low oak branch.


Note: her beauty & her violet eyes: quoted in Paterson, Linda M. 1995 The World of the Troubadours: Medieval Occitan Society c 1100 - c 1300. Cambridge University Press.

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