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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

JIGSAW by Tina Cole

JIGSAW by Tina Cole

Empty as her pockets she fingers 

the jigsaw, a thousand pieces of nothing 

where order starts at the edge

of an idealised world that builds now 

to now with each additional piece

and a frame that waits for colour. 

Vague shapes lumber the room,

her mind crowds with odd gait 

reminiscences, Sunday dresses, 

sensible sandals, three bridesmaids 

in peach while the fireplace mirror reflects

all this as if it were worth re-knowing. 

In the late February darkness

the wind practises its toothless whistling.

Tea is delivered in the worship 

of speed and convenience.

Sunday best memories neatly folded,

her slippered feet seek a walking frame,

as jigsaw pieces scatter.

The Linnets Wings