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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Composting by Julian Dobson

Composting by Julian Dobson

Old meat attracts rats. It should be destroyed.

The rest's good for mulch. Here's your smile,

its sunburst the day we planted the beans.

Remember the runners, the way they tendrilled

the poles, how they waved at us? Last week

I cut them, scissored their stems_

into wiry handfuls, the right size for rotting.

There's more. Onion skins, courgette stems,

chilli seeds: meals we shared, plum stones_

discarded by friends, the aroma of citrus,    

a lingering of coffee grounds. Endless teabags,_

the finings of silent, companionable breakfasts;

the peel of our Christmas satsumas.

And under the lid, look - celebrations of worms.

The Linnets Wings