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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

RAMSEY by John Grey

RAMSEY by John Grey

Ramsey, the cat, crawls up

onto the window ledge,

looks out at passing pedestrians

and traffic and also weather

when it does something interesting

like rain or hail or blow up a storm.

That feline has no interest whatsoever

in the goings on within the house.

Phone calls, shaving, showering,

watching television, getting dressed,

getting undressed -

none of it interests that beast.

I provide food, milk and water

for Ramsey.

But, though I eat when the food

comes from the microwave,

he reports to his dish

only as his schedule allows.

I'm sure I'm not the only one

who lives with indifference

but it's unnerving all the same.

If the house caught fire,

he would not lick me awake.

When I'm hungover with misery,

he does not come comfort

with a furry ankle rub,

a consoling purr.

When people ask if I have a pet,

I still reply, yes, a cat named Ramsey.

I don't want them thinking

that I live alone,

that my life is so boring,

so uninviting,

that it's just not worth sharing.

One Ramsey is more than enough.

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