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The Linnet's Wings


The housekeeper is an illegal alien.

You're sure of it.

When she kneels on the floor,

scouring grit out from the kitchen tiles,

you're watching a criminal in action,

worse than a bank-robber or a swindler.

maybe even than a murderer.

But she's thorough, you'll give her that.

From sink to table, she doesn't leave

a speck of dirt anywhere.

Besides, you can't find anyone local

who works this cheaply, this efficiently.

You'd turn her in,

make a stand for law and order.

but laundry doesn't do itself.

You send her back to where

she came from

but there's a not so small matter

of the rugs.

Who's to vacuum

all the plushness

if she's in Guatemala?

But one of these days,

you'll ask to see her papers.

Some night when she's done

picking up yours.

The Linnets Wings