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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Other Publications by The Linnet's Wings

"The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" ISBN 13: 978-1480176423

" Randolph Caldecott, The House that Jack Built" ISBN-13: 978-1483977669

"One Day Tells Its Tale to Another by Nonnie Augustine" ISBN-13: 978-1480186354

"About the Weather-- Spring Trending" by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick ISBN-13: 978-0993049330

"This Crazy Urge to Live" by Bobby Steve Baker ISBN-13: 978-0993049-0-9

"Disabled Monsters" by John C. Mannone  ISBN-13:978-1522869504

"Three Pounds of Cells" by Oonah V Joslin ISBN-13: 978-1535486491

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