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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Table of Contents

Prologue: When Allingham met Tennyson xii

Epigraph: The North Wind xv



The opening of ramsons by Julian Dobson 3

Muldaddie by Jane Fuller 4

The Tree, The House, The Sheep, The Book, The Hand by Oonah V Joslin 6

All I Want For Christmas by Judith A. Lawrence 9

Restless Fingers Weaving Dreams by Sherry Allyn Norman 11

Christmas Week by Adrian McRobb 12

Wrekin Yew by Jim Hatfield 15

Circuit by Tina Cole 17

The Old Man from Blackberry Hill Farm  by Tom Sheehan 19

Blue Walls by Elizabeth Hitchcock 20

Rosh Hashanah 1978 by by Jonathan Beale 22

Accidentally by Susan Tepper 24

The Angel in the Mirror by Robert Grossmith 26


A Prairie Christmas Wish by Tom Sheehan 31

Seeding the Moon by Ronald E. Shields 39

Expectations by Barry Charman 40

In the Air by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 42

Beech by Jim Hatfield 44

Persephone Is At That Difficult Age by Kirsten Luckins 47

No Choice by James Graham 48

I Hear Someone Speaking by James G. Piatt 50

Paysage by Roberta  Feins 52

The Barn at Gospel Eddie’s Pond by Tom Sheehan 55

The Seer by Clare McCotter 58


Writing to complain by Lesley Timms 62

Catching the Wind by Oonah V Joslin 65

Christmas Forest by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 67

Santa´s Belt byMarie Lynam Fitzpatrick 68

The Fairies (A Child's Song) William Allingham 73

If I knew by Anonymous 74

Illustrations by Charles Robinson 78

Hamlet: Lines spoken after the ghost’s exit by Willian Shakespeare 89

Christmas at Sea by Robert Louis Stevenson 90


My Father Made Men by R.p Verlaine 96

Angel, Sweet Lady by Hannah Welfare 98

Jigsaw by Tina Cole 101

Composting by Julian Dobson 102

Laceless by Jim Hatfield 105

Winter Haiku Sequence by Liza McAlister Williams 107

Cold Cast by Clare McCotter 108

Starlings by Jim Hatfield 110

Goitside by Julian Dobson 112

Living by Jim Hatfield 114


The Boundless Arc and Other Dreams by Michael Campagnoli 119

Late Night Guitar by Tom Sheehan 145

Bergamot by Pippa Little 146

But Now I Must Sleep! by Margaret Kerswell 148

Natural History by Jonathan Beale  150

Things That Happen While You Watch by Tom Sheehan 152

Monday Morning Blues by Tina Cole 157

Love Charm by Roberta Feins 159

Epic by Bill West 160

LIFE AND LADDERS by Catherine Power Evans 162

RAMSEY by John Grey 165

The Beach by Jeff Price 169

THOSE ILLEGALS by John Grey 171

Late night-train times by Jonathan Beale 173


A Prairie Christmas Wish by Tom Sheehan 31

The Boundless Arc and Other Dreams by Michael Campagnoli 119


At Star , Le Havre (Miss Dolly, English Singer), Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 2

Study Of Three Hands by Albrecht Durer 7

The Horse Chestnut by Mary Cassatt 8

Woodland Waterfall by Tom Thomson 10

St. Francis Of Assisi Preparing The Christmas Crib At Grecchio by Giotto 13

Trunk Of An Old Yew Tree by Vincent Van Gogh 14

Fairies by Charles Rennie Mackintosh 16

Grandfather And Grandson by Vasily Perov18

The Dragon Of Smoke Escaping From Mount Fuji, by Katsushika Hokusa 21

The Fishes, In Their Joy  by Arthur Rackham 23

Happy New Year by Raphael Kirchner 24

Naked Young Woman In Front Of The Mirror by Giovanni Bellin 26

Water Lilies, Pink by Claude Monet 38

Robbed Violin Player by Jan Steen 41

There Was A Lovely Fairy In The Air by Charles Robinson 42

Building The Winter Studio, Ekely by Edvard Munch 45

A Walk In The Park by Victor Borisov-Musatov 46

The Sisters by Mary Cassatt 49

The Gate Of Memory by Dante by Gabriel Rossett 51

Three Dancers. Yellow Skirts, Blue Blouses by Edgar Degas 53

White Barn by Childe Hassam 54

A Mountain by Wassily Kandinsky 59

'Fairy Tales: Teremok. Mizgir' by Heorhiy Narbut 64

Market At Gisors, Rue Cappeville by Camille Pissarro 66

The Red Sleigh by Clarence Gagnon 68

Horse Racing In Winter by Clarence Gagnon 69

A Herbaceous Border by Helen Allingham (1848 - 1926) 72

The Smiling Spider by Odilon Redon 76

Man And Woman I by Edvard Munch 96

Brita As Iduna by Carl Larsson 98

Head Of An Old Lady by Thomas Lawrence 100

Big Fishes Eat Small Fishes by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 103

Snow Falling In The Lane by Edvard Munch 104

In The Room, Winter, by Boris Kustodiev 106

Winter Landscape by Wassily Kandinsky 109

The Rooks Have Come Back by Aleksey Savrasov 111

Negro Gold Drawing Shéhérazade Costume, Ballet Diaghilev by Leon Bakst 113

Herd Of Sheep Under An Oak Tree by Ivan Shishkin 115

Old Ukraine Bandura-Player by Heorhiy Narbut 144

Starlings And Cherry Tree by Ohara Koson 147

Portrait Of Juliette Courbet As A Sleeping Child by Gustave Courbet 149

Sunset Over Lake Leman by Gustave Courbet 151

Peonies by Childe Hassam 153

Flower Store And Dairy Store by Childe Hassam 156

The Remarkable Rocket by Charles Robinson 161

Ladder Of Virtues (Folio 216r) by Herrad of Landsberg 163

ONE EYE ON YOU by Louis Wain 164

Still Life And A Window by Arthur Segal 168

Before The Snow by Paul Klee 170

Landscape With Carriage And Train by Vincent van Gogh


Charles Robinson

She Began Nursing Her Child Again Singing A Sort Of Lullaby To It 78

The Magic Of The Cobweb 79

The Secret Garden 80

Ahem - Said The Mouse With An Important Air 81

They Saw A Dove Hovering Above His Head 82

He Said I Am Surprised I Expect Its A Party 83

You Don't Look Like Margaret 84

Child Hiding In Rose 85

The Selfish Giant 86


Christmas Fairy, PS  MLF, 2016 30

Summer House Garden by Max Slevogt, PSMLF 2016 63

Sleighs Ahoy, PS MLF, 2016 70

The Linnets Wings