The Linnet's Wings

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There's a clock that hangs on the wall of the café where I have morning coffee, its face is depicted in higher case Roman numerals, thick lines denote numbers that are encassed in a black circle, in the center of the art deco piece there are a number of smaller clocks of different sizes, each with different markings on their face, each painted in different colours. Time is created by a artist's vision to allow one to step into a perception of the is and was.

'I say seven and think it means something. The figure slides across the page or the blackboard or the sweet sky of the sawdust floor and though it tells me something like the cost of the joyride, or what filly to back, or how long more the journey, the immedate journey that is, it does not tell me what I need to know. Not that I know what I need to know. ...continued ... see Editorials In This Issue

Esta Tarde by Alfonsina Storni

Ahora quiero amar algo lejano...
Algún hombre divin
Que sea como un ave por lo dulce,
Que haya habido mujeres infinitas
Y sepa de otras tierras, y florezca
La palabra en sus labios, perfumada:

Suerte de selva virgen bajo el viento...
Y quiero amarlo ahora. Está la tarde
Blanda y tranquila como espeso musgo,
Tiembla mi boca y mis dedos finos,
Se deshacen mis trenzas poco a poco.


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The Linnet's Wings