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Spring Ghosts

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Spring 2016, Ghosts

Spring Poets 2016, Ghosts

Achill Island Panorama

The Sweet Miracle by Juana de Ibarbourou


¿Que es esto? ¡Prodigio! Mis manos florecen.
What’s this? Prodigious! My hands flower.
Rosas, rosas, rosas a mis dedos crecen.
Roses, roses, roses grow at my fingers.
Mi amante besóme las manos, y en ellas,
My lover kissed my hands, and in them,
¡oh gracia! brotaron rosas como estrellas.
gracious! roses broke out like stars.

Spanish New World Poetry: Stephen Zelnick

Disabled Monsters by John C. Mannone

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Reviewed here by Erin M. Kelly, Wordgathering, and, former Bread Loaf scholar, Bill Brown ..

Spring Epigraph

"May peace dwell within your heart and understanding in your mind.
May courage steel your will and the love of truth forever guide you."

Taken from a book of "Thanksgiving Prayers"

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Easter Rising 1916-2016

"Step back in time to the streets, events and people who shaped history"

Narrated by Colin Farrell

Dublin Rising with Google Street Mapping and Images

Editorial by Oonah V Joslin

Becoming A Tree by James Graham

“We try to read a wisdom
never meant for us:”

James Graham; The Book of Lascaux

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Autumn Poets

Autumn 2015.

Christmas Canzonet

The Linnet's Wings