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Disabled Monsters by John C Mannone

Rubén Darío

'In the middle of life's pathway
There is no erasing or ignoring
the empress and queen of Nothingness.
By her our end is woven,
as she stirs fate in her cup of dreams
and the potion: she never forgets!'

Cantos de Vida y Esperanza (1905)
Essay and Translations:Stephen Zelnick
Spanish New World Poetry

Morning, Edvard Greig

No Share in the Common Treasury

'Somewhere in his great chronicle of the poor, The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck has his character Tom Joad say in a moment of despair, 'We take a beatin' all the time.' Ma Joad tells him: ‘Why, Tom, we're the people that live. They ain't gonna wipe us out. Why, we're the people - we go on. Don' you fret none’.'
James Graham
Creative Non Fiction

A Swan, Edvard Grieg

Grandma's Story

'The boys were still little when we heard about automobiles—horseless carriages.  We all laughed about that and didn’t believe it.  We thought it was a hoax the big shots were pulling on us yokels.  Then Mr. Blankenship bought one.  The damn thing made a lot of noise, smoked a lot, and backfired incessantly but it went faster than most horses.  Tommy and Lonnie took right to it and learned to drive in a few hours.  The older folks never did get the hang of it.  I learned to drive right away but Tom wouldn’t even try.  He said it was the devil’s own contraption.'
Bill Frank Robinson
Short Stories

Peace of the Woods, Edvard Greig

"Colour is a means of exerting direct influence on the soul"
Wassily Kandinsky

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In the Hall of the Mountain King

Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from "Peer Gynt"

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Immortality is a figment
not of human imagination, but of human desire.
A very human weakness. It is alright
to seek immortality. Who will mourn you when
you have returned to earth depends
upon the dreams you left behind. Human desire
feeds on dreams. Human will is built
on the bones of human deeds,
however small. Were you kind? A good husband or wife?
These small things are more permanent
than photographs. Did you teach your children
to hope higher, to reach beyond, even if it made
the difference of a mere inch, or less? What stories
can the words of your everyday life foretell?
Who can say where immortality lies in wait
and for whom? The answers are embedded
in the smallest of things. Go there
simply because it is there. And take your heart
with you, for that is the only part
of you that will become the clay from which your
children and theirs after them or
your friends and neighbours and their children after them,
will fashion an immortal likeness of you ...
RK Biswas
Image, The Hunt by C.Mannheim
Poetry and Photography

The Hunt

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