Autumn Poets 2015

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of creation

So have I borrowed Linnet's Wings
plucked fragile cords from silent strings
to sing their praises once again
who echoed down that vast Amen.

by Oonah V Joslin

The Linnet's Wings Autumn 2015

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SLEEP a little, a little little, thou needst feel no fear or dread,
Youth to whom my love is given, I am watching near thy head.

Sleep a little, with my blessing, Dermuid of the lightsome eye,
I will guard thee as thou dreamest, none shall harm while I am by.

2015 Pushcart Nominees

Good luck to our 2015 Pushcart nominees!

Bill Frank Robinson,
"Archie Fights Back," Reprint, (Autumn 2015,) -- 'The Archie stories were written for 'The Voice' newspaper magazine that was based in the small mining town of Silverton, Idaho. They ran from 2003 through 2006

Ramon Collins,
"Smell of Rain," Micro Fiction, (Spring 2015)

Small Press:
Bobby Steve Baker, This Crazy Urge to Live:
"What I Want," (Spring 2015 )

Bill West,
"Stones at my Feet," (Epigraph, Summer 2015)

James Graham,
"The Book of Lascaux," (Poetry, Summer 2015)

Stephen Zelnick,
"Alfonsina Storni," (Spanish New World Poetry, Summer 2015 )

The Linnet's Wings Autumn 2015


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