Summer 2007

Founding Editors
(Inaugral Web)
Ramon Collins
Yvette Managan
Nonnie Augustine
Maia Cavelli
Peter Gilkes 1950-2019
Marie Fitzpatrick (Managing)

"The Linnet's Wings" was founded in Edgeworthstown in Co. Longford, in the ROI in 2007

Current Editors

Marie Fitzpatrick
Bill West
Oonah Joslin
Yvette Flis

Editors for 'MUD' Fall 2009

Mnaging Editor
M. Lynam Fitzpatrick

Editors for Review
Ramon Collins
Nonnie Augustine
Yvette Managan

Copy Editor
Digby Beaumont

Contributing Editors
Martin Heavisides
Bill West
Russell Bittner

Photography Editor
Maia Cavelli

Front Cover Design
D. Capabionco

Database Design and Management
Peter Gilkes

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Dromod Harbour,
Dromod, Co. Leitrim,
Rep. of Ireland

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Latest Digital Issue

Spring 2010 (Falling Man) Archive in Progress


A Dear Bud Letter by Elizabeth P. Glixman 3
"Fantastically Raw With Hatred" by April Michelle Bratten 37
We're Here by Pepe Nero 48
I'll Pass by Dawn Corrigan 54
The Smart Girl’s Lament by Dawn Corrigan 60
The Only Son by Elizabeth P. Glixman 66
Modern Infidelity, A Villanelle by Nonnie Augustine 78
Dyspraxia by C.B. Anderson 79
The Cat Does Mimic the Sound of a Baby's Cry by satnrose 81
Sea Party by Chris Crittendon 82
Leitrim's Sands by Stan Long 81

Short Stories
Driving the Disaster by Tyler McMahon, 4
The Russian Girl by William Falo 1 5
Lady Bluebeard by Laura Solomon 1 9
Hunny's First Fight by Paul Luikart 38
Sofa in the Park by Chris Castle 50
The Generalist by Jeffrey Jefferis 56
Kaleidoscope by Kerry Ashwin 68
Doodlebug by Bill West 75

“Fellas, I’m Dyinig Out There!":
Death House Comedy by Martin Heavisides 24

Illustrations and Photos by D. Capbianco

Spring, Facing Page
Woman on a Unicorn 20
Fallling Man 39
The Poet 55
Orgy 11 63
3- D-Mordani 65
Once 77

Swimming Pool by Kate Brown 1 4
Four Ways To Write The Word "FLY" by Ann Walters 49
Venom by Denis Taillefer 64
Oxygen by Digby Beaumont 74
The Last Rodeo by Patsy Covington 80
Still Life Before An Open Window by MD Kempis 30


Multiple User Dungeons

So We Decided to Keep by Lisa Cihlar

In Break Formation by Donal Mahoney
Pillow by Teri Davis Rouvelas
Collisions by Russell Bittner,
Under A Dirty Moon by Avital Gad-Cykman,
Sunny's First Fellini by MD Kempis
The Horseman by Gary Cadwallader
Please Jackson, No Trouble by D. Capobianco,
Deities at an Exhibition by Martin Heavisides

Ramon Collins in Conversation with Randall Brown

Lucky and Houndstooth by Digby Beaumont
A Manifesto Arrived by William Doreski
The First Time the Son was Ever on TV by Pierrino Mascarino
You Have Grown In Stature by Noleen Kavanagh
Lost Sugar by Maggie Shearon
Blessing XIV( from Blessings and Curses) by Anne Whitehouse
Jamie's Song by Nomi Lorin
Precious by Kerrie O'Brien
Spa Tour by Stephanie Freele
The Dice are Not To Blame by Nonnie Augustine
A Toast to Skink by Tom Sheehan
Uncle Stan by Mary Baader Kaley
Whirl by Nonnie Augustine
1970 by Ethel Rohan
British Guy by Karen Kelsay
River Of Light by Bill West
Marlow Speaks Again by Peter Kiernan
Repossession by Fehmida Zakeer
Crow by Stan Long

D. Capobianco,
Orgy, Inside Cover
I Vitellon

Devils Dyke's Crow by Tommy Martin
749 by C Mannheim
Whisp-Burr by C. Mannheim
Mum by Liam Mannion

Fall, 2009

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Imagine a World

Winter 2009 Archive, Currently in Revision ...

January xv

Blizzard, by Nonnie Augustine, 1
In Memoriam, Wendall M Tomlin
In the Depths of Winter by Nancy Norton
White Out by Nancy Norton

Short Stories
Medicine by Jim Parks, 3
Cold, Cold Heart by Jim Haughey

Creative Non Fiction
Pink Slip by Linda Boroff

Micro Fiction
Not Much Else by Bill West
The Final Goodbye by Marie Shields

( A selection of Poetry and Prose)
To Pierce the Sky, Umexpected Bats, The Dancer, Desert Roses, The Way Light Falls Ar Four In The Morning by Ann Walters,
The Bread Man is Dead, The Cat Skinner, Pauite Indian Story by Bill Frank Robinson

Script Excerpt
Mudmen by Mikal Huber

Editors for the Issue
Managing: Marie Fitzpatrick

Ramon Collins (Micro)
Yvette Managan

Nonnie Augustine

Maia Cavelli

Web and Data: Peter Gilkes

Ezine Design, Mari. Lynam. Fitpzatrick.

Digital Ezine Copy

Taking a Punt

Cover Art:
Cover Art by Pepe Nero

Hardball by Lisa McMann xv

Short Stories
The River Thief, Tom Sheehan 1
Photophobia, Niall Joseph 22
High Water, Erik Svehaug 14

Flash Fiction
Evans, Django Gold 8
Allegory, Russell Bittner 72
Real Hollywood Outcalls, Paul Murray 49
Sailing the Prairie, Bill West 39
Reading in Bed, Digby Beaumont 66
Selkie, Frank O'Connor 74

Micro Fiction
Hardball, Lisa McMann (Reprinted from The Binnacle", 2004)
Doctoring the Blues, Sarah Black 43
Kundalini Rising, J.M. Patrick 45
Chosen, Randall Brown 69
Ed's Wife and Other Creatures, Vanessa Gebbie 64
Don Diego Takes the Miracle Cure at Ojo Caliente, Ann Walters

Creative Non-Fiction,
Mr. Wyandotte, Phoebe Wilcox 35
Asian Girl Pin, Paula Ray 62

Musings chanced upon in the quiet of lnniscrone , Peter Kiernan 6
The Dragon, Sandy Hiss 1 1
Credo, Mike Berger 33
Old Man, Peter Kiernan 40
Heavy Sighs (an imitation of Juvenal) by Martin Heavisides 50
Kelly's Orchard, Stan Long 61
Two Mallards , Neil Dyer 47
romantic thoughts on Paris, Paul Murray 48 The Smell of Bubbles, John Mannone 21 Lizard Love, Gerard C. Smith 71

Baseball, Gina Kelly
Paris, Gabriel Martinez Aguirre

Editors for the Issue
Marie Fitzpatrick

Ramon Collins (Micro)
Yvette Managan (Flash and Short Stories)

Nonnie Augustine

Maia Cavelli

Web and Data:
Peter Gilkes

Ezine Design, Mari. Lynam. Fitpzatrick.

Digital Magazine

Breathing Room

Reading Into Things by Jim Murdoch

Between Breaths by Donia Carey, 47
The New Man by Digby Beaumont, 49
Treasures At My Feet by Bill West, 65

Faith by Bonnie ZoBell, 2
Spanish Gold and Pearls by Elizabeth Creith 10
Floation Tank by Grace M. Murray 52
Quisling by Lauran Strait, 57

A Los Angles Friend by Pierrino Mascarino, 16
Thunderhead by Gary Cadwallader, 58

Aubade to Marit Haahr by Russell Bittner7
The Station by Mark Dalligan, 13
Waters Rising by Mila Chutz Gernon,15
All Our Years by Stan Long, 23
There Used To Be A River Here by P. W. Murray, 51
flask against the stone by Lenard W Eccles, 55
A Matter of Fact II by Jim Murdoch, 54
Won't You Please Stand Up by Paul W. Murray, 61
Island by Mark Dalligan, 63
No Lights by Michael Lee Johnson, 15

I Am Being Everybody They Cries: Peter Barnes (1 931 -2004), 24 by Martin Heavisides

C. Mannheim
Publishing Office Dromod,
Co. Leitrim

Marie Fitzpatrick

Ramon Collins
Yvette Managan

Nonnie Augustine

Database Design: Peter Gilkes

Digital Magazine


One Too Many Mornings by Kyle Hemmings xi

Vanishing Points by Oonah Joslin 31
An Old Friend by Mike Blake 33
Citrine by MD Kempis 37

Stewart by Kristy Stokes 15
The Music Box by Stan Long 17
Empty Wheelchair Waits by Bill West 21
The Bicycle Mechanic by Foster Trecost 24 Wabi Songs by Martin Heavisides

The Smell of Salt by Loretta Sylvestre 4 Island by Susan Lago 59

Barbary Dove by Sergio Ortiz 1
Vow by Carla Martin Wood 3
Wild Strawberries by Lisa Cihlar 12
The Pugilist Carla Martim-Wood 19
Taken by Hand, Heart and Storm Ernest Williamson 23
Begging Song, Wishing you Were Dead and Dangerous Blades Martin Heavisides, 26
4 by Neil Dyer 35
Untitled 1 1 by Michael Constantine McConnell, 59 Facing the Train Carl T Abt 65

Empty Bowl, Martin Heavisides 38

Publishing Office Dromod,
Co. Leitrim

Summer 2008 Managing Editor:
Marie Fitzpatrick

Ramon Collins
Yvette Managan

Nonnie Augustine

Database Design: Peter Gilkes

Digital Magazine

The Common Medlar

Prologue by Nonnie Augustine, xi

Daffodils in a Blue Vase by Beverly Joy Taylor, 1
Trio by Maureen Wilkenson, 2 Offering by Maggie Garvey, 11

When Marty's Career was Ferreted Away By Howard Bernbaum, 6 Fraternial Ties by Mary May Burruss, 12
The Stuff of Life by Oonah V Joslin, 26 Community Property by Marie Shield, 38 Champ by OonahJoslin, 43

The High Tops by Stan Long, 16 The Boy by Yvette Managan, 22

The Bat by David Trane 5
Another Taste by George Bishop, 4 Rainy Night Swim by Elsie O'Day, 15
A Workhouse of a Different Color by John Thomas Clark, 21 Bernika by Michael Lee Johnson 45
Yang Chu's Poem 86 by Duane Locke 47
Editing my Ex-Lovers Digital Face in Photoshop by Richard Fein, 52 Millefiori by S.P. Flannery 49
Ticks by S.P. Flannery 54

The Swan Song by Anton Chekov, 28

Editors for the Issue Marie Fitzpatrick, Managning Ramon Collins, Micro
Yvette Managan, Flash Ficiton and Short Stories Nonnie Augustine, Poetry
Web and Data Management, Peter Gilkes

Images supplied by C. Mannheim. Russell Bittner, Marie Fitzpatrick

Digital Magazine

Our Atticus Supplement,

Halloween 2007/Inaugural Web

Classic Poetry
Halloween by Robbie Burns 1

The Photographic Art of Russell Joslin - Maia Cavelli 7

Micro Fiction
Carnal Knowledge by Stan Long 15
Necromancy by Karen Jones 17
Night Maneuvers by Ramon Collins 20
My Dead Love Came in by Bill West 19

Flash Fiction
Moonlighting by Craig Capron 23
The Awakening by Jim Parks 39
Jess' Palace by Yvette Managan 40
My Lady Adair by A. J. Brown 42

Short Stories
Something Wrong with Lennie by Nonnie Augustine 44

Gothic by Nonnie Augustine 25
Poem Written While Delaying Suicide by Scruvy Bastard, 27
Dance of the Dead by Maureen Wilkenson p29
Alice by Mari Fitzparick 31
The Witch's Grace by Nonnie Augustine 33
Pooka by M Lynam Fitzpatrick 37
Ancestor by Jim Boring, 26

Office Address
Shannon Park, Edgeworthstown,
Co. Longford,
Republic of Ireland.
Publisher - Mari Fitzpatrick

Digital Ezine Linked Here

Summer 2007 (Inaugral Websine)

In Time by Nonnie Augustine, x

Photography by Maia Cavelli 33
Fiction by Ramon Collins, 19
The Poetry Connection by Nonnie Augustine, 35

Flash Fiction
Angelic by Yvette Managan, 1
In the Closet by Yvette Managan, 16
A Saturday Night At Yankee Stadium by Scurvy Bastard 31

Micro Fiction
Smell of Rain by Ramon Collins 13
Labels by Becky Soto, 23
Eden by Marie Fitzpatrick 25
Lacuna by Jesse Patrick 27
Summer by Mary Miller 29

Spanish Missions by Nonnie Augustine 37
Our of Rock, NOW, by Russell Bittner, 39
State of Rapture, Marie Fitzpatrick 41
You WentA'Courtin by Marie Fitzpatrick 42
Memory of a Winter's Day by Ann Walters, 45
Here's What I Feel by Yvette Managan 48
Mexican Escape by Yvette Managan 51
Flight 103 To Lockerbie: Happy Anniversary by Russess Bittner 47
Taking the Road from Crownpoint to Chaco by Ann Walters 53

Short Stories
Simple Tillie by Normie Augustine, 5
Leaming to Fly by Ann Collins, 9
Mexican Escape by Yvette Managan page 43

Gina Kelly

Digital 'Zine, 2007

Winter 2008


The Language of Frost by Bill West 3
Classic: The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum 4
Be Sure Your Sins by Nick Allen 22
Sweet Talk by Lauran Strait 24
Jack Pines by Neil Dyer 29
Narratives of New Netherland 1570--1970 by Sean Farragher 31
Sherri by Elsie O'Day 40
Dog Days of Christmas by Marie Shields 42
Christmas Morning by Martin Heavisides 44

A Rasher of Poems for Snarky Children 49
Sleeping with the Monkfish by John C. Mannone 64
Christmas Present by Marie Shields 67
Neal Celebrates Christmas by Cheryl Chambers 71

YULE 2008 Digital Issue

The Linnet's Wings, Portnashanagan, Corkaree, Mullingar, Co., Westmeath, ROI