Halloween Story: The Kongs' Halloween

Beneath the pale moon's eerie sweep,
In shadows deep, where monsters creep,
Ghouls and ghosts in the night will sing,
A chilling symphony that makes hearts cling.

Old hearts that knew the ancient way
Of ghosts that played, near everyday,
Where stakes were used to kill the bliss,
In haunts where vampires built the myths.

In moonlit nights, they danced through time,
Their stories woven in haunting rhyme.
With stakes and crosses held so tight,
Folk faced the creatures of the night:

Like bats who took on human form,
To suck life blood so they might perform,
The devils' plan on earthly plains,
To steal man from our children's veins.

In darkest night, they weaved deceit,
With crimson lips and hearts that beat,
But heroes arose, their spirits pure,
To guard the innocent, to endure.

Now in this barn where the trance does sway,
Those ancient grudges fade away.
Monsters and humans, hand in hand,
Join the dance in this enchanted land.

Where once was fear and tales so grim,
Now there's laughter and a vibrant hymn.
Ghouls and ghosts, and vampires too,
All are welcomed by the eerie crew.

And to the line the witches play
To set the mood for the night’s display
The tapestry spun, each step in grace,
In that barn’s front yard, in that magical space.

So let the past and its darkness fade,
In this enchanted dance, let's serenade.
For on this All Hallows' mystic night,
All creatures share in the moon's soft light.

The Linnet's Wings Word Art

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