A Dear Bud Letter by Elizabeth P. Glixman

Today you returned a small green soldier in the dirt
Marching upward to reach air
In weeks you will be an open blossom green future fossil
Enveloped with sticky stamen and pistol
Dear Bud lover of light and culinary cuisine for the flower eating inclined
I am sustained by the pleasure of your acquaintance
Your self-promoting production of seeds leafs
Flowers and fruits.
The forgiving greenery of your lucid pale face
after the grayness ofwinter
Fills my mental womb with wonder
as to why there is demise and revival.
I am heartened as a churchgoer who met the Holy Spirit
falling to a plain brown floor with glorious orange lilies
Above my head.
It is the odor and color of your renewal
The base primal scent of your undercoat
That draws me to you like a bee.
I wish to see you everywhere.
At the bottom of the ocean with its plankton
There are creatures with glowing eyes
vessels of prehistoric time
magnificence memories swimming about
hidden in the large darkness
Forces that awe me.
You are as grand as any monolithic crustaceans
Covered rocks
Coral reefs in azure watered post card
Replicas ofTyrannosaurus Rex
When you uncurl and wave your
Erogenous petals in the light wind that is my home
My ether high
Like a flag spelling liberty and freedom
Leaving me spellbound and haunted

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