Little Miss Muffet by Russell Bittner

Little Miss Muffet
sat hard on her duff so it
wouldn't be ferried away.

Along came a stranger
who cried out "No danger!"
to which she protested "Parlez!"

“I've just come to visit
and couldn't resist it
when I saw you sitting that way."

"Then tell me your purpose
that I might subvert it,“
said prodigy's young protégée.

"But Miss, I'm no misfit now
come, have a biscuit
as I've got a some pretties today."

“This duff ain't no manger,
and I ain’t no babe, sir,
so get thee and thy myrrh away!"

"You're tough, little Muffet,
and likely enough
to lay waste to my little buffet."

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