The Awakening by Jim Parks

Reggae drums and guitars split his head with the strokes of the surf and the sea-borne winds. He felt his erection rise as he thought of the fabulous young Negress of the night before; her swelling breasts and the dramatic sculpting of her hips and belly.

Bush medicine - some kind of wild red berries picked and pickled in the interior of the island, and rum - had made him seem invincible and insatiable. He had slept the sleep of the dead after spilling his seed a dozen times in ecstasy.

He felt her lips tracing the line of light blonde hair from his nipples to his rapidly stiffening shaft - and then her strong, calloused hand gripped the base of his scrotum and he felt something cold pressed against his testicles.

"Time to wake up, mon!"

His eyes sprang open to behold an ancient crone with yellowed, grayish Negroid hair, shrunken breasts and a toothless mouth grinning up at him.

"You t'ink you unknown in de fambly islands, mon? T'ink you can run from who you are, boy? Fuck my daughter up?"

"What the hell ... " he cried, trying to scoot backwards against the head of the bed, his heels digging into the mattress. He tried in vain to escape her clutch and the edge of the keenly whetted straight razor.

"One move an' I slice it off, lover boy!" She grinned even wider, her head resembling a Jolly Roger skull on a pirate's flag.

Baron Samedi stepped into the room from the terrace. Barefoot, wearing a clawhammer coat and top hat over ragged, striped pants, he strode into the room with a sneer on his dark face.

"Call dot a - a weapon, Big Daddy?" He chuckled derisively, massaging his crotch through his trousers.

"Tonight be Halloween, mon. Full moon after de total eclipse. You pay wid your soul if you lose."

Two demonic-looking men hog-tied his wrists and ankles and rolled him up in a throw rug. They hustled him to a freight elevator in the luxury hotel and loaded him in a utility van.

At a mansion high on the side of a mountain, they wheeled him to the edge of a tank where drunken men and women waited for the show. Two bull sharks circled in blood-infested water.

Two bull sharks circled in blood-infested water.

He screamed as they tipped him in and the water boiled red with the froth of his blood.

@ Parks, 2007

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