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Leap to the morning

Leap to the morning

Oft times I wake and must leap to the morning
'Quit wriggling’, you say, and go back to your snoring
So I take my word head and its thoughts all a-gnawing
Say 'come on’ to the dog, 'let’s leap to the morning’.

Kristina Jensen

Contemporary and Classic Poetry: Clancy and Goldsmith

Clancy creates a strong sense of atmosphere and character in this powerful statement about the courage required to speak or write truthfully and the often difficult reception such truth may receive.

Clancy's "The UFO Over Portland," engages with themes of perception, reality, and the thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Explore Oliver Goldsmith's classic song from 'She Stoops to Conquer,' a humorous take on 18th-century society's views on education, religion, and merriment.

Each of these pieces showcases Goldsmith's ability to blend social commentary with poetic elegance, often weaving in a moral or philosophical lesson.

Short Stories: Helgadóttir and Braverman

Helgadóttir's writing style is lyrical and evocative, drawing the reader into the story with vivid imagery and a sense of foreboding. The blend of history, particularly the references to World War II and the resistance movement, with folklore creates a unique and engaging narrative. This piece is a testament to Helgadóttir's skill as a storyteller and her ability to create a world that is both fantastical and deeply rooted in human emotions and experiences.

Mozart and I by Alex Braverman is a narrative that captures the essence of what it means to be an artist and the often tumultuous journey of balancing personal vision with external pressures. The narrative oscillates between admiration and resentment, showcasing how genius can be both a gift and a curse. The reference to Chaim Potok's novel "My Name is Asher Lev" serves as a poignant parallel, highlighting the universal struggles of artists who must navigate the tensions between their creative expressions and the values of their communities or families.

Poetry: Sheehan, Jensen and Smith

"Sign on a Wall" by Tom Sheehan is a nostalgic poem depicting a worn dough board, symbolizing a mother's labor of love in bread-making. It evokes memories of family, tradition, and the passage of time, blending sensory details with a deep sense of longing and reverence

Exploring the ephemeral space between day and night, 'Down The Crack With The Crickets' by Kristine Jensen delves into the fleeting nature of thoughts and emotions. An angry thought disappears with the wind, symbolizing lost moments and the struggle to reclaim them.

Explore the poignant poem Mates by Iain C. Smith, dedicated to Jake and Patrick. Reflecting on the sudden loss of a young life, it intertwines themes of grief, camaraderie, and the fleeting nature of youth, as experienced through the lens of a soccer match metaphor.

"Explore the evocative poem 'Pipedream' by Iain C. Smith. A vivid blend of memory and observation, it captures a moment of reflection amidst a storm, evoking nostalgia and introspection about family, past experiences, and the transformative journey of life.

I Am Of Ireland by William Butler Yeats

'I am of Ireland,
And the Holy Land of Ireland,
And time runs on,' cried she.
'Come out of charity,
Come dance with me in Ireland.'

One man, one man alone
In that outlandish gear,
One solitary man
Of all that rambled there
Had turned his stately head.
That is a long way off.
And time runs on,' he said,
'And the night grows rough.'

'I am of Ireland,
And the Holy Land of Ireland,
And time runs on,' cried she.
'Come out of charity
And dance with me in Ireland.'

'The fiddlers are all thumbs,
Or the fiddle-string accursed,
The drums and the kettledrums
And the trumpets all are burst,
And the trombone,' cried he,
'The trumpet and trombone,'
And cocked a malicious eye,
'But time runs on, runs on.'

I am of Ireland,
And the Holy Land of Ireland,
And time runs on,' cried she.
"Come out of charity
And dance with me in Ireland.'

Story: Rajapakse, West, Zelnick, Berg

Explore a captivating encounter in 'On the Way to Over There' by Shirani Rajapakse. Journey up a snow-clad mountain, where a chance meeting with a speaking leopard unfolds. Witness a magical blend of nature, introspection, and surreal interaction in this mesmerizing short story.

Explore 'Suit of Light' by Bill West: a poignant tale of Manuel Garcia-Ramerez's struggle with fear and legacy. On his 70th birthday, confronting his past and a lion, his tragic fate intertwines with bravery and the harsh reality of life and death.

Zelnick's essay 'The Working of Pure Gold,' is a detailed analysis of Oliver Goldsmith's play 'She Stoops to Conquer.' Zelnick, delves into Goldsmith's complex character and the play's enduring humor, satirical depth, and commentary on societal norms.

Carly Berg's 'Macaroon,' is a heartwarming tale blending the joys of desserts with school life. Follow Mac's sensory journey through cafeteria antics to dessert nirvana, where brownies, tapioca, and friendship create a sweet backdrop for adolescent triumph

Hamilton, Joslin, Ferraro, Zambrano (Short Translation)

Explore the forbidden summer ritual of Ginny and Dean in 'Moon Goddess' by Ginger Hamilton. Amidst fireflies and bats, they confront their growing feelings and the harsh realities of youth, weaving a tale of love, rebellion, and myth under the spell of the night sky.

Oonah V Joslin explores her connection to Seamus Heaney's legacy, delving into cultural, linguistic, and personal parallels. Reflecting on 'Beowul' and Irish identity, she uncovers shared roots and the impact of Heaney's work on understanding her heritage and language.

Explore the tragic tale of Cecilia, a young woman confined in an asylum, in 'AIR' by Emilia Pardo Bazan. This poignant story, translated by Diana Ferraro, delves into the depths of love-induced madness and the poignant struggle between reality and delusion. Witness CeciliaFs journey as she clings to the belief of being 'air,' a metaphor for her unrequited love and ultimate escape. A profound commentary on the human psyche and the power of love.

Explore the ethereal realm of dreams in 'Geografia de la Aurora' by M. Zambrano. Delve into the vivid imagery of emerald caves and nameless colors, where the dreamer's touch lingers and reality blurs with memory. Experience a serene, effortless existence, free from longing and fear, akin to a deer resting peacefully in nature.

Story: Raman, Ritchie, Osborn, Bernbaum

Explore the sentimental journey of 'Mummy's Bureau' by Anna G. Raman. A tale of heritage and memories woven through a family's treasured bureau in Coimbatore, symbolizing change, legacy, and the essence of home.

Ritchie explore Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Richard II' as political dialogues with Queen Elizabeth I, focusing on themes of marriage, succession, and power, and their subtle implications for the monarch's rule and personal life.

In this story by Derek Osborn A man, elated from a successful deal, accidentally hits a raccoon. Stopping to check, he discovers newborns, one alive. At home, with his wife's help, he nurtures the surviving raccoon, contrasting his business triumph with a newfound empathy.

Explore the poignant reflections in 'HW6834' by Gemma Meek, a deeply personal poem that delves into memories of love and loss. Discover the emotional journey through stored letters, prison memories, and the lasting impact of a departed loved one, set against a backdrop of enduring affection.

Explore Gemma Meek's poignant poem 'Obelisk,' a vivid portrayal of the disintegration of a once warm relationship. Meek captures the simmering fury and silent resignation experienced in the aftermath of a metaphorical shipwreck of emotions, leaving two estranged souls in a fog of loss and unspoken words.

Explore 'Autumn With You,' a poignant poem by Donal, reflecting on love and loss. Set in autumn's dusky season, it intertwines nature's rhythms with memories of a cherished partner, Caer, evoking a deep, restorative connection through heartfelt verses

A dreamlike encounter unfolds in a mist-enshrouded garden, where a woman with a wide, knowing smile and black cotton-like hair becomes a mystical presence. Her white, shimmering gown and color-shifting flowers contrast with the simple maze of dark green hedges, embodying the sole bloom in a world of hushed silence and profound understanding.

Poets: Augustine and Heavisides

"Reverance" by Nonnie Augustine is a vivid and evocative piece of writing, rich in imagery and sensory detail. Augustine's language is both lyrical and gritty, painting a vivid picture of the scene and characters.

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Here in Augustines' "Hogheads and Tricks" a person grapples with the passage of time, lost creativity, and a desire to escape or confront the mundane realities of life, possibly looking for new experiences or inspirations to reignite their lost spark.

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Heavisides' work, as exemplified in this piece, showcases a talent for blending the profound with the practical, infusing traditional narratives with modern sensibilities and concerns.

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