Won't You Please Stand Up? by Paul W. Murray

Won't you please look up
to where that young girl
looks down hoping you'll
overlook weathered shoes?
You'll cross through the crowd,
through the breakers of dancers
to say she's the one that
you choose.

Won't you please stand up
and shake the shivered nerve endings,
into magnetic sounds
that young love understands?
She will know each new step.
She will sense your arrival.
She will reach out and lend you
her hand.

Won't you please step out,
through your young fellow dancers?
Lay her head to your shoulder,
hands gently in line.
You don't touch the floor
by means that escape you
as you'1 1 move in three
quarter time.

Won't you please stand up
and grant me my pardon,
as I leave you young men
so awkward you see?
My best hope's to hope
on your east-rising of manhood
that you'll be better dancers
than me.

 2008 Murray

All Rights Reserved--2007-2024