Evolution by Zev Torres

We watched from out of sight
As she furiously swept away
Specks of dust no one else could see
Slammed shut cabinets that wouldn't remain shut
When slammed.

Listened to her raspy detailing of grievances
Addressed to objects that could not talk back
The broom the obstinate cabinets
The space between the floor tiles
Harboring those particles.

Grievances about the
Contractor who left too much space
Between the floor tiles
Didn't use enough ground
About her husband -- our father -- who
Never exercised appropriate authority
Joked with the plumber
Befriended the roofer
Who then cut corners and ripped them off
About her children
Who hadn't learned how to
Read her mind.

Yet we knew when circumstances demanded
That we abandon our watch
Seek a safer vantage point to resume our vigil
Until her next sudden and even more striking
When at last
The eagerly anticipated guests

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