Be Sure your Sins by Nick Allen

Matthew stared across his desk and wondered what on earth this wretched looking
woman could want with a solicitor.

"Thank you for seeing me, sir. have something I need you to do, but don't have any money to pay you with yet."

Matthew shifted in his seat. "Well, I'm afraid, Miss?"

"Peach, but just call me Lilly."

"Lilly. We can't really proceed on such a basis. Perhaps I could suggest"

"Just give me five minutes to explain, sir, then if you still want me to, I'll go."
Matthew paused, then moved a blank sheet of paper onto his desk and picked up his pen.

Lilly needed no further cues.

"I'll be honest with you sir, I'm on the game. Done it for twenty-odd years now and, being frank, me looks are going now and the punters are getting thin on the ground. I do have one or two regulars who . . ."

Matthew cleared his throat and checked his watch ...

"Anyway," continued Lilly, "last night I thought I'd hit the jackpot. It was snowin' hard and I was freezing, gettin' ready to call it a night when this politician picks me up in a big white car. Rolls it was."

"Politician?" Matthew could hardly keep the incredulity from his voice.

"He's called Trevor Dodd. I saw him on 'Question Time' last year. And Jeremy Vine on Radio Two says ..."

"Miss Peach, please."

Now what I'm gonna tell you now might make you blush, but I have to be straight. I charge 10 for it straight, 15 if they don't use a condom. So he gives me the 10 but, afterwards he laughs and tells me he took the condom off before going in. I go mad and demand the fiver he owes me. He tells me not to be so bleedin' stupid, and says I should be grateful that he did me."

"Now, Miss Peach, these are serious allegations that could get you in very deep water. Mr Dodd is a well respected public figure, who is happily married."

Lilly smiles, and for the first time, Matthew sees what a pretty woman she could be. She pulls a bundle of tissues wrapped in cling film from her bag.

"I wiped myself afterwards."

Now it's Matthew's turn to smile.

"How does 500,000 sound Miss Peach? I can't see any trouble getting at least that. Oh, and don't worry about my costs. With your permission, I'll just ask for his car."


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