Mad, You Say? by Martin Heavisides

In an insightful and compelling exploration, Martin Heavisides presents a fresh perspective on the legendary figure William Blake, challenging long-held perceptions that have confined Blake's genius to the realm of literature alone. This essay weaves together a rich tapestry of Blake's poetry and visual art, arguing for an integrated appreciation that recognizes the profound interplay between these two forms of expression. Heavisides not only elevates Blake's status as a visual artist but also deepens our understanding of his literary works, presenting Blake as a visionary whose profound insights into the human condition and the divine transcend conventional boundaries. Dive into a narrative that celebrates the full spectrum of Blake's creative genius, from the ethereal realms of his poetry to the visionary depths of his art, and embark on a journey that promises to redefine your understanding of one of history's most enigmatic artists.


"ARMSTRONG" by Martin Heavisides is an extensive and detailed exploration of Louis Armstrong's life, work, and influence. Heavisides delves into Armstrong's early years, his musical and comedic talents, and the societal impact of his career. The piece weaves together anecdotes, historical context, and analysis of Armstrong's performances and recordings. It also compares Armstrong to other notable figures in entertainment and examines the broader cultural significance of his work, particularly in breaking racial barriers and blending humor with serious artistry. This text offers a rich, multi-faceted view of Armstrong as a musician, performer, and cultural icon.

Empty Bowl

"Empty Bowl" is a reflection on the transient and often elusive nature of existence, where each line of dialogue and every character's journey invites the audience into a contemplation of life, the universe, and our place within it. The play's poetic language and philosophical insights, rooted in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and Zen wisdom, create a mesmerizing experience that resonates with the soul.

In this play, Heavisides masterfully crafts a narrative that is not just a story to be told, but a philosophical exploration to be experienced. "Empty Bowl" is a compelling invitation to explore the depths of our own existence and the intricate connections that bind us to the world and to each other.

I Am Being Everybody They Cried: Peter Barnes

In this illuminating exploration of Peter Barnes' theatrical legacy, Martin Heavisides presents a masterful analysis that delves deep into the heart of Barnes' dramatic artistry. With a deft touch and insightful perspective, Heavisides navigates through the intricate landscapes of Barnes' plays, uncovering the layers of comedy, tragedy, and profound human insight that define his work.

From the darkly comedic heights of "The Ruling Class" to the intricate depths of "Leonardo’s Last Supper and Noonday Demons," Heavisides guides us through the complex tapestry of Barnes’ narratives. His critical eye reveals the genius in Barnes' ability to intertwine the absurd with the meaningful, challenging the audience's perceptions while captivating their emotions.

Heavisides' commentary not only sheds light on the individual masterpieces of Barnes but also paints a broader picture of his unique approach to storytelling. This work is an exploration of a playwright who dared to venture where few others have, merging the realms of historical and fantastical with a contemporary edge that remains as relevant today as it ever was.

For enthusiasts of theatre and literature, this analysis is a treasure trove of insights, offering a renewed appreciation for Peter Barnes' contribution to the world of drama. Heavisides' work stands as a testament to the enduring power and relevance of Barnes' artistic vision, making it an essential read for anyone seeking to understand the complexities and beauties of modern theatre.

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Heavy Sighs ( an imitation of Juvenal)

Overall, this collection of poems skillfully blends humor, satire, and philosophical musings, offering a sharp commentary on contemporary society while drawing inspiration from classical literary traditions.

"Heavy Sighs (an imitation of Juvenal)" is a vivid, satirical poem that captures the essence of modern societal grievances and idiosyncrasies, echoing the style of the Roman poet Juvenal. Its sharp commentary on technology, societal norms, and human nature is both humorous and critical, embodying the spirit of classical satire in a contemporary context."

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