Lonely as a Clown by Mike Lewis

I battled gamely through the crowds
when, floating high o’er ringing tills,
the P.A all at once announced
a host of great, to-die-for, deals.
At Lakeside on a spending spree,
with scores of Buy-One-Get-One-Free.

Continuous credit I did find,
with lots of easy ways to pay,
as stretched in never ending line
stood flat-screen plasmas on display.
Down from a thousand pounds and more,
but now half price in every store.

The crowds beside them thronged as they
out-did each other in their glee.
A cynic could but feel dismay
in such short-sighted company.
I gazed and gazed then sudden thought
'What wealth has television brought?’

For oft, when on my couch laid prone,
in vacant or in pensive mood
the TV or the telephone
will rob me of my solitude.
And then my heart with pleasure fills
that I withstood those daffy deals.

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