A Workhorse Of A Different Colour by John Thomas Clarke

First bred in Lippiza, an Italian
Town near Trieste, the Lippizan stallion,
Though born black or some shade of sienna,
Tums white in five years.
At the Vienna Spanish Riding School, while in a menage
A deux with his rider, he learns dressage
And that famed swaggering, high-stepping prance,
While Lex, in the pas de deux of my dance
Macabre, eagerly heeds my prompts.
The verve Of this black stallion in his quest to serve,
To retrieve my mouthstick dropped on the floor,
To tug off a sock, or open a door,
To pull a wash basket, tum on a light,
Proves this paladin with paws is my white knight

John Thomas Clarke, @ 2008

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