On Your Bike by Peter Gilkes

Resignation Letter

My role was to look after the accounts and the computer software used by everyone in the company to handle the day-to-day adminstration of unit trusts. The computer package provided by a third party company was named Quasar, the relevance of which you will see in a minute.

My immediate boss, David, was a great guy, and above him was the p.a. to the chairman of the group, Graham..

David handed in his notice as he had been offered a position as managing director of the Woolwich Unit Trust Company. I had hoped to offered his position, but as it turned out Graham decided not to replace him but to split his duties between myself and a colleague. My incentive was a 1,500 pounds per annum raise.
Disgusted with this offer I also resigned and this was my resignation letter.

Dear Sirs,

After being completely demoralised, especially following Graham's highly illogical judgement, kindly let me offload permanently Quasar, realistically starting today.

Under valued widely X 1 500.

Yours Zealously,


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