Naming Stones

Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names! What can names do? Can you name the stone being thrown or like Brendan Kennelly in his poem, show the name of the stone being thrown? Kennelly’s poem is about discrimination.

• On the La Caleta beach in Cadiz stones have been named from ancient times, there are numerous descriptive groups, one naming group example is

By its Shape
The Camel, The Bull, The Turtle, The Baby Owl, The Spur, The Pigs, The Dolphin, Shark Stone (or broken stone).; The Hedgehogs, King Fish, The Horse Mackerel, seagull stone, the blacksmith’s flagstone, the spray from the south land, the spray from La Caleta …

• Saved to the body is a poem by the Irish Poet Brendan Kennelly -- 17 April 1936 -- 17 October 2021 (please click on link for full text and photo link for the story of the stones)

Can you write a poem about 'The Stones'

The Stones
Brendan Kennelly

Worried mothers bawled her name
To call wild children from their games.

'Nellie Mulcahy! Nellie Mulcahy'
If ye don’t come home,
She’ll carry ye off in her big black bag.

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