Dancing All The Steps I Know by Pepe Nero

as soon as i entered the bar i saw her
sitting at the far end God she was beautiful black silk party dress bare shoulders
thin straps she was nursing a martini her short black hair covering
one eye ala veronica lake i immediately went into some steps i thought might work she
dint even notice i tried some fancy footwork ending with a near perfect moon walk
she kindda smirked, looked at the guy three stools down like she’s sharing the joke
of me i got desperate, did some pirouettes but only got some admiring glances from two
guys at the near end they looked me up and down like they were interested or something i
ignored them, folded up my arms, flapped them like wings, cawed out a complex melody while
turning slowly in a circle and damned if that didn’t fail also

what’s a guy to do when
none of his mating dances work?


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