Blackbird Dock

A blackbird, while out hunting for food
Met a catty old queen with bad-tempered mood.
So bird sang and sang to bedevil her cloud,
Until the furry old crone by beauty was cowed.
She moved towards a bush, sat under a rose
Where delighted, lighthearted, she groomed as she posed.

Then along came the kid from the blackbird's dock.
Snuck up on cat's dish and oh! she was shocked.
As he picked up his fill and strolled away up--
Cock o hoop he clipity clopped, snapped his heels
And lifted: In one-long-drawn-out-hop-he-flew
Then dropped, and bounced away into sky
Where his family awaited a funday-food-sigh.

Now the cat sits over her breakfast dish.
The birds await her grooming with mucho delish.
And with a hoppity hop and clippity clop
They sing roll her over the blackbird's ol' drop.

MLF, 2018

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