Poetry and Poets

Muldaddie by Jane Fuller

The Day is Done by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Public Domain)

Time to Shine by Lesley Timms

Restless Fingers Weaving Dreams by Sherry Allyn Norman

Persephone Is At That Difficult Age by Kirsten Luckins

Blue Walls by Elizabeth Hitchcock

Who goes with Fergus? by W B Yeats

Lonely as a Clown by Mike Lewis

A Pint of Plain is your Only Man, by Flann O'Brien

Winter’s Last Breath by Oonah V. Joslin

Godless Fruit by Jo-Ann Newton

The Day is Done by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Bat by David Trame (Medlar Issue 2008)

One Too Many Mornings by Kyle Hemmings {From Sistering} The LInnet's Wings 2008

The Homoiconian Rest Home by Pepe Nero -- Mud Issue, Winter 2010

Angler by LouAnn Shepard Muhn -- {The Linnet's Wings, Summer 2010}

Turn the Page by Mari Fitzpatrick (Lyric) -- The Linnet's Wings To Catch a Frog Issue

Moraine by Tamara Madison -- Indigo Issue, 2022

The First Lie by Tamara Madison--Indigo Issue 2022

Prey Drive by Tamara Madison -- Indigo Issue

The Musicans by Tamara Madison--Indigo Issue

La Belle by W. F. Lantry--Indigo Issue

Rutter's Requiem by W. F. Lantry--Indigo Issue

Fire Pantoum by Toby Cogswell

8.23 to Marylebone by Jim Hatfield

You Have Grown in Stature by Noreen Kavanagh

Ancestor by Jim Boring

Moon Catalog by evie robillard

Songs of Innocence by William Blake

Promise by Bill West

So We Decided to Keep by Lisa Cihlar

Winging It by Stan Long

In Break Formations by Donal Mahoney

Memory of a Winter's Day by Ann Walters

A Manifesto Arrived by William Dorsky

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